MULTIBLOC solutions for vehicles


The automotive industry is one of constant technological and manufacturing challenge. Scheiber offers a full range of products and services for vehicle manufacturers and converters.

The technological sophistication of vehicle electrical systems is increasing hand-in-hand with the functions offered and the level of safety provided for drivers and passengers. These constant enhancements have been made possible by the introduction of strict standards and the development of components that are resistant to the types of electrical interference and environmental conditions specific to this industry.

Manufacturing partnerships with leading market players.

SCHEIBER brings the technological sophistication of original-fit automotive systems within the reach of manufacturers or industrial vehicle converters with small and medium-sized production runs. The experience we have gained working alongside the great names of the automotive industry,
gives us the ability to support our customers all the way from the initial design idea through to direct delivery to the production line, including user interface design, onboard computer electronics, wiring harnesses, software validation and UTAC standards compliance testing.

Schéma d’un réseau multibloc pour l'automobile
A typical MULTIBLOC network solution for vehicles

A scalable, upgradable system built around the MULTIBLOC concept.

→ A broad choice of control interfaces: 6- and 8-key units, monochrome screen, 3.5” color touchscreen, and smartphone and tablet apps.
→ Option to develop special control interfaces to specification on the basis of fixed production volumes.
→ Gateways to control other types of equipment: air-conditioning, heating, power generators, etc.
→ DC power module providing control of protection for 12V and 24V circuits up to 30A.
→ Reversible output module for bi-directional control of motors rated at up to 25A.
→ Lighting systems managed by our patented Wireless Battery-Free system.
→ Water level, fuel level, battery voltage and battery current measurement module.
→ Automotive sensor-based management of service batteries (12V and 24V DC) to provide information on the actual battery capacity available and remaining service life status.
→ Battery chargers/power supply: remote on/off, operating mode monitoring, and matching of battery charging power to AC power consumption.
→ Development of special functional modules to specification with homologation in accordance with manufacturer procedures.