MULTIBLOC solutions for motorhomes


As a longstanding and respected supplier to the motorhomes industry, Scheiber has historically led the way in electrical and energy autonomy systems for this type of leisure vehicle.

Choose the right level of systems sophistication for your needs. The scalable, upgradable electrical systems offered by SCHEIBER leave you free to select the main components at the time you buy your motorhome, or leave the decision until later.

A personalized, bespoke energy system for your motorhome.

Whether you opt for a simple control panel with LEDs and buttons, or a color touchscreen tablet, the decision is yours! If the 16A charger proves a bit too small, simply replace it with a 20A, 30A or 40A unit. CAN and LIN bus multiplexing means that you can enjoy the latest in automotive technology to get the most out of your motorhome and be as energy self-sufficient as possible.
multiblocs camping-car scheiber
A typical MULTIBLOC network solution for motorhomes

A scalable, upgradable system built around the MULTIBLOC concept.

→ A broad choice of control interfaces: classic LED panel, monochrome screen, 3.5” color touchscreen, 7”, 10” and 12” tablets, smartphone and tablet apps, and chart plotter or TV on-screen display.
→ Gateways to control other types of equipment: air-conditioning, heating, power generators, etc.
→ DC power module providing control and protection for 12V and 24V circuits up to 30A.
→ Reversible output module for bi-directional control of motors rated at up to 25A. Perfect for windows and blinds.
→ Lighting systems managed by our patented Wireless Battery-Free system.
→ Automotive sensor-based management of service batteries (12V and 24V DC) to provide information on the actual battery capacity available and remaining service life status.
→ Battery chargers/power supply: remote on/off, operating mode monitoring, and matching of battery charging power to AC power consumption.