ATRC RANGE AUTO-TRANSFORMERS 40.05611.20, 40.05612.20, 40.05613.20, 40.05616.20

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  1. David Grainger

    Do you have the instruction manual in English please? I have one of your auto transformers in my 1991 ARCA Europa 626 motor home .
    Thank you

    1. scheiber

      Dear Sir,

      We sent you documentations about this product,
      we hope you have found information you need

      Best regards,

      Sales department

  2. David Grainger

    I have a 1991 ARCA Europa 92 motorhome. The electrical charging system charges the leisure 12 v batteries from a solar panel . When I hookup to a 220 v external source the voltage reading on the leisure batteries rises to over 15 v . I have found behind the fuse panel what looks like one of your ATRC auto transformers but I cannot find any numbers on it.
    Is it possible that the transformer is faulty ,causing the overcharge and needs to be replaced ? Also how much would a new transformer be delivered to Malaga ,Spain.
    Thank you ,sorry I do not have French ,only English and Spanish
    Best regards