MULTIBLOC solutions for buildings

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Developed out of its experience with boat and motor power systems, Scheiber also offers a dedicated product range for buildings and homes.

SCHEIBER has been developing products for autonomous domestic installations in Boats and Motorhomes for many years. The recent development of dedicated low-voltage DC lighting modules based on EnOCEAN technology has allowed us to develop a comprehensive range of products that can now be used in building CAN networks to manage domestic DC lighting systems. → Learn how our solutions are integrated into buildings.
A typical MULTIBLOC network solution for homes

Wireless battery-free solutions for buildings

We have the ability to control 12V and 24V DC low-voltage halogen and LED lighting systems by voltage or current. We have the ability to control electric windows, extendable awnings, sun breakers and roller blinds wirelessly and without the need for batteries.

SCHEIBER supplies a full range of chargers and power supplies linked to the rest of the CAN network and managing the selection of AC power supplies with automatic switching from one to another (e.g. the mains 230V AC supply to a power generator on automatic generator startup).

A touchscreen tablet to control every function

All of these functions can be operated and easily configured without the need for a PC or other type of programming console by using one of our range of color touchscreen displays.

These installations can also be made completely self-sufficient in power by using solar panels or wind generators to recharge a battery installation. Where this is the case, our network can also manage battery status and display not only their voltage and charging/discharge current, but also their remaining capacity and service life so that they can be replaced before failure in order to avoid power outages.

A scalable, upgradable system built around the MULTIBLOC concept.

→ A broad choice of control interfaces: monochrome screen, 3.5” color touchscreen, 7”, 10” and 12” tablets, smartphone and tablet apps, and TV on-screen display.
→ Gateways to control other types of equipment: air-conditioning, heating, power generators, etc.
→ Reversible output module for bi-directional control of 12V or 24V motors rated at up to 25A. Perfect for windows, blinds, awnings and sun breakers.
→ Lighting systems managed by our patented Wireless Battery-Free system. EnOCEAN compatibility with light level, presence and air quality sensors.
→ Water level, fuel level, battery voltage and battery current measurement module.
→ Automotive sensor-based management of service batteries (12V and 24V DC) to provide information on the actual battery capacity available and remaining service life status.
→ Remote alternative AC supply selection from the control interface. 90/240V AC switching with zero power consumption and heating. On-unit manual emergency control. Automatic generator startup.
→ Management of our own battery chargers and power supplies, or battery chargers provided by our partner manufacturer: remote on/off, operating mode monitoring, and matching of battery charging power to AC consumption.
→ Optional completely autonomous electrical operation of lighting and blinds with the addition of solar panels or micro wind generators.