History of the company

→ 1965: SCHEIBER is created under the sole ownership of Roger Scheiber. It produces transformers for leading home appliance manufacturers, including Thomson, Arthur Martin and Electrolux.

→ 1980s: electronics are introduced into our products, and the first battery chargers, backup units and inverters are produced.

→ End of the 1980s: many new projects, including battery chargers, sensors and control panels for motorhomes.

→ 1996: the business becomes a limited liability company with a board of directors and supervisory board, headed up by Franck Scheiber.

→ 1994-1997: annual revenue stabilizes at around €2 million.

→ 1995: the first I2C bus controller for ambulances.

→ 1998: we are awarded ISO 9000 certification.

→ 2000s: lower revenue from motorhomes is offset by new markets in industry and boats.
– Development of our I2C bus system and transition to the CAN bus: the MULTIBLOC system is born.

→ 1997-2007: annual revenue reaches €4.5 million with a labor force of 62 people (111% revenue growth and 90% more employees).

→ 2005: permanent innovation: 40% of products sold are less than 5 years old.
– The company paid tribute to Roger Scheiber, who left the company during the year.

→ 2006: design and sales separate from manufacturing. SCHEIBER SA manages the administrative aspects of the business, SCHEIBER Diffusion SAS designs and sells its products, and SCHEIBER Industrie manufactures them.

→ 2006: installation of a new automated SMT line and wave soldering machine, introduction of RoHS-compliant processes and improved traceability of finished product testing.

→ 2007: installation of new automated product test benches.

→ 2008: investment in a selective varnishing line (product tropicalization).

→ 2009: spinoff of fine sheet metalworking, screen printing and painting to a new company called INSETO, and upgraded workshop flows for the resin coated products line.
– We feel the effects of the economic crisis with a 33% fall in revenue to €2.8 million.

→ 2010: introduction of new test benches and process monitoring systems. Upgrading of our ERP system. Since 1965, the company has filed 5 patents, including 3 during the last 5 years.

→ 2011: The company gains a new joint chief executive, Jean-Paul Siaudeau, who joins the company with experience of the automotive and marine industries.
– Membership the ENOCEAN alliance for wireless, battery-free technology.
– Filing of a patent for a new product concept based on ENOCEAN wireless battery-free technology.
– Research and Development accounts for 8% of company revenue in 2011.

→ 2012: our Distribution and Manufacturing companies are incorporated into SCHEIBER SA, which gains the status of a French limited liability company with a board of directors.
– International extension of our Wireless/Battery-free patent.
– Membership of the CAN in Automation group, which promotes the CAN protocol, works for its establishment as a standard and has 560 company members.
– We refocus on our Motorhomes, Boats and Vehicles markets. Addition of buildings as a new market sector and discontinue our industry business.

→ 2013 : our screen printing machine is replaced by a new model with soldering paste control and greater accuracy.

→ 2014 : investment in 2 new machines, CMS oven and placement machine (renewal of our main manufacturing tool). Complete reorganization of our workforce (work in individual block). Opening of a standardization department.