Solutions and products for homes

SCHEIBER products developed for Boats and Industrial Vehicles are perfect for domestic applications at many different levels.

Solutions and products for homes

The benefits for renovation projects.

Wireless, battery-free products compatible with ENOCEAN switches and sensors can deliver substantial benefits by removing the need to route cables between switches and lighting points. This freedom from cables and inset switch boxes significantly reduces inflows of cold air for greater comfort, and facilitates installation quality accreditation.

For new-builds.

No longer having to worry about routing cables to switches releases your creativity! Easy configuration lets you make changes to your plans during and after the construction process, even after the client has moved in.

Very low voltage for greater safety.

Powering lighting and roller blinds with a very low-voltage DC supply (10V-32V DC) offers greater safety for a number of reasons:

→ No lighting point, switch, roller blind or other device is connected to a potentially dangerous voltage.
→ The AC/DC supplies used to power devices have large input range and are highly insulated to protect your installation against overloads or mains spikes.
→ The installation can be totally or partially backed up by the simple addition of a buffer battery connected to the network to back-up the AC/DC supply (which must be designed for this purpose). In the event of a mains outage, all or part of the lighting system will continue to work at its rated level, and roller blinds can be opened.

Autonomous operation and energy savings.

Combining the high efficiency of top-quality LED lighting with the equally high efficiency of SCHEIBER AC/DC power supplies and distribution modules immediately improves the overall efficiency of the entire installation.

Adding presence or minimum light level detectors to the lighting system (easy to do using EnOCEAN technology sensors) improves efficiency significantly without adding additional cost to the installation.

The dimming functions integral to all SCHEIBER lighting module outputs boost installation economy even further by providing the ability to adapt light levels very simple to actual need!

Optimizing power consumption in this way opens the door to completely autonomous operation of lighting, roller blinds and other essential functions by powering them from roof-mounted DC solar panels.

The SCHEIBER power source selector can also be used to switch automatically between solar power and generator power or between mains power and a DC/AC inverter.

Comfort and Automation

The NAVICOLOR display and control module provides control of the entire installation, as well as the ability to configure every aspect of it easily and intuitively, with no need for a PC or any specialist knowledge.

The SCHEIBER network can be interconnected with other Home Technical Management networks.