Scheiber solutions for vehicles

Scheiber offers a broad range of solutions for vehicle manufacturers and converters, and supports them in their projects, from the simplest to the most complex.

A single Low-Voltage Safety module avoids the risk of flat vehicle batteries as a result of adding accessories not included in the original load calculation.

Versions with special software can be created to respond to the specific needs of a particular model.

A Controller + Power Supply Module package transforms a production vehicle into an emergency vehicle at modest cost, without compromising the original load calculations (outage of power to retrofit accessories when battery voltage is low).

Equipment for Casualty Rescue and Assistance Vehicles (VSAV) and Mobile Emergency in Resuscitation Vehicles (SMUR)

Scheiber solutions for vehiclesA package of controllers and power supply modules can be used to fully equip an emergency vehicle like a Casualty Rescue and Assistance Vehicle (VSAV) or Mobile Emergency in Resuscitation Vehicle (SMUR) and provide control of heating and air-conditioning in the main body of the vehicle.

Our library of off-the-shelf standard modules makes it possible to offer a response tailored to a particular need, although we can equally develop a special solution built around our vehicle components and extensive experience. → See innovation in action with the driving school Clio 4

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