The Scheiber MULTIBLOC solution

The Scheiber MULTIBLOC solution

Our multiplexed MULTIBLOC system offers many advantages in terms of installation and use.

→ Data sharing for multiple displays.
→ Fewer wires and cables.
→ More user functions.
→ Fault-finding and diagnostics.
→ Data sharing means fewer sensors.
→ Suited to complex installations.
→ Scalable and upgradable: users can start with a simple system and still have the option of upgrading to a much more sophisticated system later.


User interface

The user interface provides direct communication with the MULTIBLOC network to control functions, and view levels or values. It also displays user warnings of alarms or maintenance issues. Scheiber offers a choice of user interfaces:

  • 2.4" and 3.5" color touchscreen controllers
  • WiFi interface for tablets
  • Smartphone apps PC/TV on-screen display


Modules are the building blocks of the network. They control DC power circuits, DC lighting, AC power source selection and data gathering (levels, battery voltage and current, etc.).

  • The motorized source switch provides the option for the network to be powered by: a 110/230V 50/60Hz AC supply from 2 AC sources (e.g. shore power and onboard generator)
  • DC power modules with Bypass
  • Lighting modules via wireless, battery-free technology
  • Opening/closing management modules for blinds or awnings


Interfaces make it possible to use the (NAVICOLOR or tablet) user interface of the NAVICOLOR network to control devices provided by other equipment manufacturers.

  • Gateways to air-conditioning systems
  • Heating
  • Generators
  • Battery chargers


Sensors give the MULTIBLOC network access to data that can be used by all network modules.

Range of sensors:
  • Presence detector
  • Battery monitor
  • Movement detector
  • Temperature sensors
  • Water level sensors
  • Fuel sensors
  • Open/Closed sensors for doors and windows


Communication interfaces link the MULTIBLOC network to devices like smartphones and tablets, so that they can be used as remote controls or remote terminals..

  • Bluetooth module
  • Diagnostic module (end of process, after-sales service)

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