Personalization options for motorhomes

Scheiber offers manufacturers the same benefits as those available to premium car manufacturers, with a long list of electrical system options.

BASIC version

→ Naviled controller
→ Power Module no. 2
→ 16A battery charger – B1 battery unit

MEDIUM version (as BASIC version plus)

→ 2.4” Navicolor (instead of the Naviled)
→ Int/Ext temperature sensor
→ 40A battery charger (instead of the 16A charger)
→ 12/230V 1500W inverter

PREMIUM version (as MEDIUM version plus)

→ 3.5” Navicolor (instead of the 2.4” Navicolor)
→ 2.4” Navicolor in the rear of the vehicle
→ Bluetooth interface with Android app
→ Interface for TV on-screen display
→ System control of air-conditioning, heating and power generation through a series of user-configurable scenarios
→ Data management: battery lifespan, remaining battery capacity, etc.
→ Presence detector in bathroom and shower
→ GPRS link for system updates and remote diagnostics
→ 60A battery charger (instead of the 40A charger)
→ 12/230V 3000W inverter with integrated solar regulator and 6A charger
→ Electric shutter control
Personalization options for motorhomes