Scheiber… continuous innovation since 1965

Scheiber is a systems provider specializing in the design and manufacture of embedded autonomous power systems and their components. The company’s innovative skills are focused on a range of industry sectors: boats, motorhomes, homes and vehicles.

Scheiber… continuous innovation since 1965

Our own production resources.

We handle the entire product manufacturing process in-house, which means that we produce our own subassemblies, assemble our own products, and conduct our own product testing. Where necessary, we may involve French and international subcontractors, but our manufacturing knowledge means that we have complete control over quality and cost.

Production capacity.

Complete control of manufacturing processes and procedures.

→ Individual and adjustable work station for control and assembly.
→ Regular investment in production facilities
→ Facilities that are currently underexploited
→ A network of approved subcontractors in FRANCE, MOROCCO, TUNISIA and CHINA

→ Assembly of electronic panels and units
→ Electronic circuit board wiring using thru-hole technology
→ Electronic circuit board wiring using surface-mount technology (SMT)

In-house design

Support for customer demand development (partnership)
Preliminary design, detailed design and production readiness
Standards monitoring
Training (via an approved training organization)

Design resources:
EAGLE PCB design software and Solidworks 2D/3D for mechanical design
Equipment for pre-homologation EMC and low-voltage testing
Software development
Long-term test resources
3D printer for rapid prototyping of units in ABS plastic

Additional design strengths
We have a formal process in place to secure European standards homologation of our products. Some products are e-homologated (UTAC automotive industry standards, some of which have been developed in association with French manufacturers).

4 distinct product development priorities.

1. Multiplexed wireless and battery-free solutions for embedded and energy-neutral home applications.
2. Integration of our products into smartphones and tablets.
3. Reduced CO2 emissions (as result of saving energy from the product design phase onwards through the effective use of energy sources: mains power, wind power, solar power, fuel cells, etc.).
4. Simplification of power system installation to enable fitting by non-qualified personnel.

Scheiber serves 4 global markets.

boats: learn more about Scheiber solutions for boats
motorhomes: learn more about Scheiber solutions for motorhomes
vehicles: learn more about Scheiber solutions for vehicles
buildings: learn more about Scheiber solutions for buildings