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Gel or AGM

• Waterproof

• Professional range

• Significant number of cycles

• M6 or M8 terminal screw terminals

• C20 capacity from 26 to 226Ah in 12VDC



Lithium Iron Phosphate - LiFePO4

• Light

• Integrated BMS management

• Very long life (about 5000 cycles)

• Outputs on stud or screw terminals M8

• Capacity of 90, 100 or 160Ah in 12VDC

• Built-in 32V / 500A fuse (depending on model)

• Charge with a standard AGM charger, fast charging 0.5 to 1C

• High discharge current up to 3C continuously, 5C per pulse


Available accessories


• Tapered terminals

• Specific Lithium (lock contactor with bistable relay, display and cords, brackets, CAN communication interface ...)

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