Our solutions for special vehicles


Intervention vehicles, trailer, service vehicle or driving school? We offer solutions for builders and coachbuilders and accompany them in their projects, from the simplest to the most complex.


Intervention and service vehicle

A set of facades and power blocks can allow the complete installation of an emergency vehicle using different visual and auditory signals (sirens, beacons, lights). Depending on the need, control of the heating and cooling of the rear cabin is possible from the touch screen.


Several kits are available to adapt to vehicles depending on the equipment installed, but we can also develop a specific solution based on our automotive components and our experience in the field.



- 6-button control panel x 1

- bloc n°2 x 1

- bloc n°2 wiring harness - 5m x1

- wiring harness power supply 8mm - 5m

- rotating ball head x 1

- ball joint support  x1

- RJ11 wire - 1.5m x 1


ambulance type a

- temperature sensor x 1

- bloc n°2 x 2

- CAN wire - 0,5 m x 1

- CAN wire - 5 m x 2

- 1 Microfit termination x 1

- Navicolor GT 3.5' x 1

- Navicolor ST3 x 1


ambulance type B-C

- temperature sensor x 1

- bloc n°2 x 4

- CAN wire  - 0,5 m x 3

- CAN wire - 1 m x 1

- CAN  wire - 5 m x 1

- Microfit termination x 1

- heating interface x 1

- H bridge x 1 

- electronic battery separator 12V - 140 A x 1

- Navicolor GT 3.5' x 1

- Navicolor ST3 x 1

Utility and outfitted truck



  • Track the levels of water or fuel tanks

  • Ensure the distribution of energy on the lighting, a pump, a fridge ...

  • Analyze the state of charge of batteries or auxiliary parks using IBS sensors

  • Manage the charge of batteries from a towing vehicle, from solar panels or charger

  • Produce 230V from batteries in 12 or 24V to supply power tools, a computer, a coffee maker ...



A control box for a driving school vehicle Indicators, lights, buzzer: the command response is immediate with the wired installation. We wanted to go further than just a control box. Thanks to its backlight, it allows driving at night while remaining visible and accessible by the monitor.


This level of industrialization is the result of a close collaboration with RENAULT Tech Technical Services, whom we would like to thank warmly for the quality of our relationship and their trust. "We wanted to go further than a simple case on a dashboard with a studied design. We therefore proposed to RENAULT to work very early on the project which was accepted.


We had very early prototype dashboard that allowed us to validate the best possible location by integrating constraints of use but also implementation on production line. We then worked on the materials and the backlight in order to offer the Monitor a real interface with his vehicle when he is sitting in the passenger seat by taking the pictograms and colors of the indicator lights of the instrument cluster. "


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