A very low voltage lighting solution

Without battery, or wire


Light Air Switch brings simplicity to the organization and installation of your low voltage DC lighting (8-32Vdc).


The Light Air Switch kit contains the antenna module 2.4Ghz, which allows the wireless and battery-free switches to be used worldwide. Dimming function is available by holding down the switch button to adjust the brightness of the light to the desired level according to the needs and the time of the day. When you leave, it is possible to switch off all the lights with the function : “switch off all”. Thanks to the wireless and battery-free switches, you’ll save time and money because of the minimal installation effort. Length of wires saved, no need to make holes in the wall: place the switches anywhere and make your network limitless! Need to reorganize the room? Just move your switches wherever you want, you can also add a switch in less than 2 minutes.


In addition to this, it’s possible to add a wifi server, and thus access to your installation from everywhere with your smartphone & tablet, for example to see in real time if you have turned off the lights when you left. Creating lighting scenarios is also possible, to simulate a presence, set-up a timer for outside lighting, create various lighting atmospheres, etc…


Light Air Switch is compatible with the Scheiber Multibloc network,

to easily see and manage your lighting installation from the

Navicolor display screen.








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