Centralize analog & 

digital measurements

The Bloc 7 is a measuring bloc integrating 6 universal inputs.


They allow the measurement of:

- voltages between 0 and 30 VDC in order to acquire analog measurements (battery voltage)

- voltages between 0-10 VDC (sensor voltage).

- water levels (fresh water, gray water, black water, fuel) by configuring the

input as a current generator.


Bloc 7 also integrates 3 digital inputs to view the state of sensors (bilge pump).


Via the LIN Bus you can add up to 6 IBS sensors.


If bloc 7 is connected to a Navicolor screen, all measurements can be viewed from the touchscreen.

The bloc 7 may be configured in 3 different ways:

- from a Navicolor,

- with a PC using the MULTICOM software and the CAN/USB interface,

- from a configuration interface of the wifi server.

• 6 configurable analog inputs :

0-30VDC (battery voltage)

0-10V (current sensor)

0-180Ω (fresh water or fuel sensor)

30-240 Ω (grey water sensor)

• 3 digital inputs :

1 input (+) type pnp

2 inputs (-)




Current sensor

Water sensor

Acquisition of digital

& analog values

Quick setup

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