A multitude

of configurable functions

Directly from

the bloc 9

By using the by-pass fuse

From the switches

From Navicolor display

From your connected screens

The power bloc can control up to 6 functions

Bloc 9 is a power bloc with 6 outputs controlled from a remote screen or directly on its box using the 6 physical buttons. The status of each output is visualized by an LED. The bloc integrates the protection of the 6 outputs. A manual command of each output is possible using a bypass fuse.


To benefit from a greater number of functions, it is possible to associate several blocs 9 on the same installation.


The protections of the 6 power outputs are adjustable from 3 to 25A and can control 12/24 VDC networks such as: interior lighting, navigation instruments, navigation lights, pumps, comfort devices,


ways to manage the installation

6 power outputs


Manual command

Fuel transfer

Associated with a Bloc 7 and a Navicolor, Bloc 9 allows operation of pumps to make fuel transfers form one tank to another one directly from the touch screen

AC selective power cut

In combination with an AC power selector, a battery charger and a Navicolor, Bloc 9 automatically manages load shedding based on the threshold chosen by the user. Thus, the system will reduce the charging power of the battery(s) to avoid overloading the power supply


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