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Electronic battery separator

The Electronic battery separator are available in 12 or 24Vdc for batteries of maximum capacity 300Ah.

They protect the main battery and operate independently and unattended.


Specifications of this range:

• version with input + APC (compatible EURO6 *)

• with or without protected departures, including controlled departure fridge relay

• Lug connection, max. Load current 70A

• M6 / M8 terminal connection, load current 100 to 500A max.

• with current limitation calibrated at 30A

• for 2 or 3 batteries (including 2 auxiliaries)

• vibration detection model

• special versions "Trailer"


* Enables a modification of the coupling and decoupling thresholds. Compatibility to be confirmed according to the vehicles.

Electronic battery separator

several references available

 38.12002.00 00000X / 38.12003.00 00000X / 38.12004.00 00000X / 38.12006.00 



Electronic battery separator

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