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Spectral Blue

 The best disinfection option  with blue light!


Image: source CHEREAU

Ecological disinfection solution for entire rooms and surfaces,
safe with 99.99% efficiency against all types of bacteria & viruses.


The anti-microbial effect of visible blue light  is a mastered and approved subject Blue light is effective on ALL forms of bacteria / yeasts / fungi / lipid-enveloped viruses (including COVID-19) thanks to the photosensitive compounds located in their cells WITH LED - WITHOUT UV

This technology is already used successfully in many areas Sanitary areas, operating rooms, laboratories, central sterilization services, microbiological safety cabinets, elevators, veterinary practices, schools, ...


Chemical free - zero waste - self-contained system

Allows a constant disinfection result to avoid

bacterial/viral contamination and secure the space

LED Tailor.jpg

100% automatic
100% sustainable
100% safe for people and materials


Multiple possible applications:

ambulances, semi-trailers, buildings, boats,...


product life cycle of at least 50,000 hours, or 11 years of normal use

Security :

no UV radiation emitted, allows the room to be used even when the system is in operation


the same level of performance every time

Installation durability:

without renewal of application of the photocatalytic product (approximately 4 years)

No maintenance!

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