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The power of the network Multiplexed in LTE-M around the world
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The MB-BOX is a complete and scalable solution composed the physical MB-BOX

and the dedicated application.


It can be integrated into land vehicles as well as water vehicles, it centralizes all installation data, controls equipment and carries out maintenance operations, all remotely and worldwide thanks to the app.



This product is part of the Multibloc range. Remote Scheiber control & NMEA compatible.

Thanks to our many partnerships, it is also compatible with a large ecosystem of products.

The MB-BOX is a multi-access cloud solution (construction site, lessor, user, professional worker) designed to provide maximum comfort in complete safety. The development is based on a solution from the automotive industry.

A compatible solution
vehicles and boats
of all sizes

References available

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An interface clean and intuitive

Secure connection
Personalized dashboard
Optimized settings
Remote setup
Simplified maintenance

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Compatible with a multiplexed network capable of handling of data via a smartphone application or cloud

Very low consumption, wake up and update over the air (OTA)


Repair, update, remote logbook

Line output test and check-up Manufacturing & cloud backup by chassis number

Weak clutter


Customizable smartphone apps

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