Switch between

2 AC sources

Replace your manual selector or contactor panel

The AC power selector makes it possible to switch from one AC source to another one to supply an AC 110/230VAC 50/60Hz network, for example from the dock to the generator. You can view the different available sources and switch from the touch screen to the selected source by transmitting the data via the CAN link. Thus, the AC power selector switches to the source of your choice thanks to the motorized control. Several AC power selectors can be associated in a single installation.


Thanks to an optional current sensor wired at the output of the selector, load shedding is possible by adjusting the power of the connected battery chargers and thus avoiding the cut-off of the dock breaker or the generator set.


Remote control

Optimized wiring

Generator start-up

and status

Isolated voltage measurement

of generator battery

Time saving, optimized wiring

• Easy installation and use

• 2 versions available : 63A and 125A.

Once a position has been selected, the selector

does not consume energy.

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