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Inverter/charger combination 

Pur Sinus Inverter/charger combination combine 2 functions in 1 device.

 The first one transforms the current 12 or 24 VDC into 230VAC, which allows you to power any electrical device running 230VAC from your batteries. The second one will allow you to charge your batteries from a 230VAC power source.


Some models are compatible with the Multibloc solution to display information (voltage / current / ...) and control the combination.


Characteristics :


• Available in 12 or 24VDC input

• Rated power from 800 to 5000 VA (other on request)

• High efficiency from 90.6 to 92% (according to voltage & power)

• Pure Sine Output

• Smart & powerful charger (from 15 to 120A)

• Remote shutdown

• Automatic switching

• Low standby power

• Integrated switch transfer

• 2 or 3 years warranty (depending on model)


• Standard remote control or with display

• Configuration interface

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