The wireless & battery-free concept is composed of 2 types of units: main and auxiliary. These modules are made to be easily integrated into a false ceiling or a technical gallery.


The main unit is equipped with a 868Mhz transmitter / receiver module, while the auxiliary unit is not equipped and must be installed in series with the main unit or 2.4Ghz antena module.


It is possible to connect 4 wired switches.


Same features & accessories as the Light Air Switch kit

Main module

with 868Mhz transmitter / receiver module

Reference : 41.72101

Auxiliary module

without transmitter / receiver module

Reference : 41.72106

Fiche produit 

Gamme SFSP


SFSP range


Light Air Switch

User Manual  

Light Air Switch

2.4 Ghz Antena module

worldwide unit

Reference 41.72120

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