MULTIBLOC solutions for boats

interieur bateau bandeau

SCHEIBER has been designing and producing production boat power systems for more than 25 years.

Combined with our expert knowledge of cutting-edge technologies from the automotive and construction industries, this substantial experience allows us to offer a comprehensive range of products that responds to the specific requirements of onboard power systems for powerboats and sailing yachts of all sizes.

Our systems meet the needs of end-user customers for user-friendliness and ease-of-use, and those of boatbuilders for ease and simplicity of installation.

A typical MULTIBLOC network solution for boats

A scalable, upgradable system built around the MULTIBLOC concept.

A broad choice of control interfaces: monochrome screen, 3.5” color touchscreen, 7”, 10” and 12” tablets, smartphone and tablet apps, and chart plotter or TV on-screen display.
Gateways to control other types of equipment: air-conditioning, heating, power generators, etc.
DC power module providing control of protection for 12V and 24V circuits with fused bypass.
→ Lighting systems managed by our patented Wireless Battery-Free system.
Water level, fuel level, battery voltage and battery current measurement module.
Automotive sensor-based management of service batteries (12V and 24V DC) to provide information on the actual battery capacity available and remaining service life status.
Remote alternative AC supply selection from the control interface. 90/240V AC switching with zero power consumption and heating. On-unit manual emergency control.
Management of partner manufacturer battery chargers: remote on/off, operating mode monitoring, and matching of battery charging power to AC consumption.